Честно казано рядко чета поезия.

В последния епизод на един от любимите ми сериали чух това:

I can’t help now but wonder what your brown eyes were concealing.
They just showed me reflections of all that I was feeling.
Our bodies close together like by ride hand in my glove.
Hearts pounding with excitement and dare I say it,love.
I know I’ll never own you, its your nature to run free.
But I pray the Lord above that one day you will come back to me.
Then we will ride off in glory until our time is done.
I will be your hero, your cowboy in the sun. 

Даже си го записах преди да го потърся в google 😉 Хареса ми. Грабна ме. Не е Тенисън, но е очарователно.